We've really started getting back into the swing of things this past week and from the activity in the community it seems like a lot of people feel the same way. Also with winter keeping us inside we've started a few exciting projects we hope to share with you all soon. Happy ready and have a great week!

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Expo 25

Expo 25 based on React 0.52 was released last week with the following highlights, full release notes available here.

  • Support for fonts, videos, and audio assets in standalone apps
  • Roll back and promotion in release channels
  • Support for AWS Cognito
  • Calendar and MailComposer APIs

React Navigation

React Navigation had a major release this week with the following highlights, full release notes are available here.

  • Remove Flow but appears they will make flow-typed definitions available
  • Redux integration instructions updated


Catching up with my Podcasts and the latest from React Native Radio really stood out: