Hey folks!

I'm currently in Morocco visiting my family while working remotely, it feels good to escape the cold for a little while ☀️

I've read some pretty amazing blog posts these past couple of weeks, so this issue is full of solid, super interesting reads, I hope you're ready for it!

Enjoy! 👌🏼

PS: Interested in contributing to React Native? Just go to your command line and run npx good-first-issue react-native. You're welcome ;)

Kenza Iraki  


Libraries & Tools


Open Source

react-native-docker - Docker image to develop and build React Native application

react-native-dropdown-autocomplete - Autocomplete input with dropdown modal component for React Native. Useful for pages with multiple autocompletes.

bs-react-navigation - A fast, declarative ReasonML navigation for React Native, based on React Navigation

react-native-typing-animation - 💬 A typing animation for your React Native chat app based on simple trigonometry to create better loaders.

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